BOCH CERT is on ALERT Status

October 27th, 2021– Currently the BOCH CERT team has been put on ALERT Status. As you can see below from our recent trainings on this, we should be moving to secure our homes, notifying that you are available to deploy, putting your gear together, charging your devices, and awaiting further notifications. At this point, you should be ready to Activate in under 3 hours if called.

As of 10:15am this morning, we have no requests from any of our four towns, however leadership anticipates probable deployment in the storm’s aftermath.

Team Members will continue to be notified throughout the day on any status changes or deployments via email and this website. Continue to monitor your communication avenues.

Appropriate gear to consider: Rain coats and weather appropriate clothing, high visibility vests and hats, deploy pro app installed on your phone, first aid kit, hard hat, and tools. Additional gear requests will be provided at specific deployments.

Thank you and everyone stay safe.

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