BOCH CERT After Action Form

BOCH Community Emergency Response Team

Welcome to the BOCH CERT After Action Form

This is a place to get some additional Team Only Feedback on deployments and events so that leadership can improve the ways in which we serve the communities and better understand what our volunteers need, want, and are concerned about. 

This is not a replacement for calling or meeting with leadership, but a quick and easy way for volunteers to express themselves. As always, the best place to express your thoughts on an event is in the immediate debrief post deployment.

Thanks for helping make BOCH CERT a stronger team and a great place to volunteer.

First Sign in and tell us which event you are specifically speaking to.

Next Tell Us About Your Task/Deployment

Describe what role you played

Next Tell Us about how the deployment went overall?

As you reflect, do you feel this was a good deployment for CERT, did the team enjoy the day or feel satisfied in their volunteer work, and how do you feel, overall, about the event?

Various Topics to Choose from

Next we provide some specific topics to discuss with leadership about the event.

Please note, these opinions are reviewed by leadership at our monthly meetings. If you need more urgent action or feel that your concerns merit individual conversations, do not hesitiate to call anyone in leadership. As always, the best place to debrief is immediatly after an event. 

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