Volunteering in a Winter Wonderland

New year! New opportunities for BOCH CERT to help out around the communities. Since our last update, our CERT team has volunteered hundreds of hours at COVID testing clinics, Rapid Test distribution, Town Meetings, and a few community related events. A majority of BOCH CERTs time has been spent supporting the Orlean’s Covid Testing SiteContinue reading “Volunteering in a Winter Wonderland”

It’s not over…but we see the finish line.

Hello CERT TEAM and CERT enthusiasts…I hope this blog post finds you safe and hopefully with power. This week’s storm really shook the lower cape and left a wide swath of damage in its wake. I lost power and then lost my generator. Some on the team lost cellular and internet as well, which putContinue reading “It’s not over…but we see the finish line.”