See you… in September…

Happy Shoulder Season to the BOCH team! That time of year when the weather turns a little cooler, the lines at the supermarket get a little shorter, and BOCH CERT gets busier!

First off, thank you to all the team members who came out to the September 11th Ceremonies in both Brewster and Chatham. It was a member suggested and voluntary, but the team showed up because that’s how we roll.

Coming up on the docket is our Safety Officer Training on September 22nd. This is a two part training starting with the classroom portion in Brewster coming up. Later, in November, Safety Officer Trainees will complete a practical as the rest of the team trains on Point of Distribution. You’ll have to excuse leadership for some of the confusion on dates, times, cancellations and misdated emails (my bad!) as we have been buried under new member applications from our NEW MEMBER RECRUITMENT DRIVE!!!

Did I mention we are recruiting new members during the months of September and October? It’s true and members are asked to pitch in and help us distribute flyers and business cards to grow our team. If you are interested, please contact Corey Barker at for information and supplies.

Which reminds me of September 25th and our deployment at the Brewster Town Meeting where we will be assisting again with seating voters. We will also be manning a recruitment table, so if you’d like to help, email Corey.

Don’t go just yet, we have confirmation of a Chatham Flu Shot Clinic on October 19th. We will deploying to assist in the traffic management and check in again. Remember Team: Yellow Reflective vests are required at all our deployments coming up.

Coming up in Training is our Traffic Management course and our Provisional and New Member practical in October. I’m looking forward to having Harwich Police department show the team the ins and outs of moving traffic because it’s become an important skillset for our most recent deployments. All dates are posted on the member calendar which is updated regularly (but when the sun comes out in fall, there’s no guarantees!).

Enjoy the long summer while it lasts.

Welcome To the New BOCH CERT!

We are Growing! In September and October, the team is actively recruiting for new members across the Lower Cape and to support this growth we have moved to a new space on the internet!

We have a new online membership application now available at our Join Us! page which will make becoming a member so much easier. On October 23rd, 2021 we have a new and provisional member training day where applicants can put their FEMA online training to work in hands-on exercises like Search and Rescue. This annual training day is required for all members to move out of Provisional Member status, so it is important that new applicants submit their paperwork before October 4th. Training spaces are limited and are assigned on a first come basis.

Don’t forget to check out our member calendar for up and coming training dates. We have a Safety Leader training coming up for any member who wishes to provide safety support at any of our deployments. Anyone who is interested should inquire with Joanna at as training space is limited and there is a practical required for full certification. An email with more information will be sent out to the team as the dates approach.

For any team members who wish to support our recruitment drive, please email Corey at to get information, flyers, business cards and other recruiting materials. Corey has been spearheading the recruitment drive and has plenty of swag and ideas for you to help.

We have plenty of exciting new features coming to our new website, so keep your eyes on the blog for information on roll outs. Next up, we will be expanding our member and public training page to include the FEMA training links for easier onboarding and to help us all refresh before an emergency deployment.

Thanks to everyone who waited patiently as we migrated to our new home on the internet, I promise you won’t be disappointed!