It’s not over…but we see the finish line.

Hello CERT TEAM and CERT enthusiasts…I hope this blog post finds you safe and hopefully with power. This week’s storm really shook the lower cape and left a wide swath of damage in its wake. I lost power and then lost my generator. Some on the team lost cellular and internet as well, which putContinue reading “It’s not over…but we see the finish line.”

SpOoKy October Is Here

Hey CERT Team and CERT enthusiasts. October is here and we are gearing up to have an exceptionally busy month bursting with Thrilling Trainings, Spine-tingling Flu Clinics, ghoulish Meetings, perhaps a few supernatural team building fun things, and of course lots of Halloween Candy. To start off the month we will be holding a newContinue reading “SpOoKy October Is Here”